Against the Wall.

♥ Wärst du gerne ein Vogel? - Wenn du einer wärst!! =D ♥

Heeeyho meine lieben =)


x Rheydt

x Krefeld

x Weihnachtsmarkt

x Duisburg

x Mönchengladbach

Joa ich bin heute ziemlich rumgekommen...:P



x Weihnachtsfeier...-.-

SORRY Janalein!!...ich wusste das nicht...=(

x Kunst Bild fertig machen -.- 


joaaa das wars^^...

Lieeb euch ...die Sisa


I am not the type to get my heart broken

I am not the type to get upset and cry

cause I will never leave my heart open

never hurts me to say goodbye

relationships don´t get deep to me

never got that whole in love thing

and someone can say they love me truly

but at the time it didn't mean a thing

My mind is gone

I am spinning round

and deep inside my tears I will drown

I am losing grip what's happening

I stray from love

...this is how i feel

This time was different

Felt like I was just a victim

and it cut me like a knife

...when you walked outta my life

Now I am in this condition

and I have got all the symptoms

of a girl with a broken heart but no matter what

you will never see me cry...x3

15.12.07 21:41

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